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Jyoti pipe is a manufacturer’s site designed for the sales and distribution of plastic pipe and fittings. At Jyoti pipe we have a diverse range of Sprinkler HDPE pipe, HDPE, Polythene pipe products and the production capacity to supply any project requirement regardless of the size.

With over thirteen years experience in the Plastic Pipe business, significant industry experience and product depth we can offer a variety of solutions to solve your project needs. At Jyoti Pipe we work with you to ensure your product requirements and delivery schedules are achieved. The products we offer are backed by National Standards & Manufacturer’s Warranties.

Our site lists the various products available on our product page. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the content is provided on an “as is” basis.

If you have a specific product requirement, contact us via our contact page listed within this site or contact us directly.


We can’t control the economy, interest rates, the markets or world events. We focus on what we can control and what we can sustain long term: our core performance, our revenue growth.


We want all of our customers to see us as a trusted source for outstanding service and sound guidance. This holds true for our individual consumers as well as our largest commercial clients.


We measure our success by the success of those we serve. By helping the companies become better at what they do, we become better at what we do.

Comapny Profile

Jyoti Plastic-pipe, Inc. was established in 2003 in Junagadh, Gujrat with a vision for providing Different types of plastic pipes to be used in agricultural and domestic use . Since that time, Jyoti Plastic-Pipe® has continued to grow through expansion and acquisition to its current position as a recognized industry leader in the manufacture of piping products in Junagadh at Gujarat, India.

Our Goal

To Supply Best Quality
To contribute to society by offering product that brings prosperity in life of people across the world.
To be Leader in the field of Pipe Manufacturing.
To achieve global footprint in field of plastic extrusion.
To gain most trustable brand name in world of plastic extrusion.

Customer Satisfaction:

At Jyoti, we are driven by the philosophy that whatever we are today or whatever we will be tomorrow is the result of the effort we put in to manufacture our products and services that we offer. But even more than that, we believe our achievement is because of the trust and confidence imposed on us by our customers. Our valued customers are our guiding stars and the pivotal reason for our success, directing us towards our future endeavors and providing us with a place for improvement.

Application Fields

Supply and installation of HDPE pipelines
Supply and installation of PVC pipelines
Supply and installation of all piping, assembling units and armatures

Meet Our Team

Managing Directore of the industry. He has an experience of 23-years in this field. His motto “100 % work is complete work, not 99.99% work is done”.

Contact No: 98259 37048

He is a one of partner in this industry. He has 20 year experience in this field. He has a well experience in pipe fitting.

Contact No: 99097 41124

He is a partner of the industry. He has 18 year experience in this field. And complete his bechlar degree in chemistry.

Contact No: 99780 37819
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